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Need To Bit Of “Geordie Spark” To Liven Up Your Up Your Next Event?

Throughout my career, I’ve been fortunate enough to speak at a number of high profile events and offer my knowledge and experience of the Investment World. I combine being opinionated with being entertaining and I love to stick up for investors against big banks, lousy investments and intrusive regulators!

They Don’t Call Me The “Renegade Investor” For Nothing…

Imagine you’re hosting an event about financial futures, for example. Picture your attendees gathered round with their notepads and pens soaking up all the valuable info from the presentation.

Now imagine I step in as a guest, full of wisdom about how I secured my OWN financial future after my so-called wealth managers lost me over £150K…

And cue the high-speed note taking and enthusiastic questions!

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Media & Support

Not only I am always on the look-out for extraordinary investments that you won’t find on the High Street, but I also dabble in the media too. I’ve appeared on BBC News and Sky News AND….

…my first television series “Make Your Money Work” is available on Sky TV’s Property Channel. It’s a mixture of meeting experts about every form of investing and me having a rant about the things that get on my you-know-whats. I have a new TV programme in production that I could you about – except I’d have to kill you.

Every week I publish a new episode of Elite Investor TV on our dedicated YouTube channel. I try to keep to the facts but I can’t help having a little rant sometimes.

I’ve published two books; “The French Property Secret” and “Encounters with Investment Icons”. I’m also currently co-authoring a third book entitled “The Ultimate Success Secret”, with American business rockstar Dan Kennedy.

Every other month I publish “Elite Lifestyle Magazine”, a 16-page glossy that we post to over 1000 members. It’s worth a gander if you’re looking for some bite-size info, coffee break reading or again, more ranting.

If you would like to get in touch with me about any media enquiries or support, don’t hesitate to contact

Questions About Investing

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You’ll find loads of information regarding our current opportunities, plus the chance to see upcoming events, how to join the Club and my weekly Opinion articles.

If you’d like to get in touch with me or a member of my Elite Investor team, don’t hesitate to call us on:
+44 (0)20 8940 7000

Suites 19 & 20 Station Point
121 Sandycombe Road
Richmond, Surrey

I’ve just launched my Elite Investor Podcast on iTunes, during which I share my expert knowledge on topics and strategies that are keys to success in the investment world.