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"I am NOT vanilla. I'm more of a Marmite Flavour..."

My Story

I’m Graham Rowan, I’m a 61-year old Geordie and I DON’T like the traditional financial services industry.

When the tech stocks plummeted at the turn of the millennium, the so-called financial ‘professionals’ lost me over £151,600.

As you can imagine, I wasn’t best pleased. I was angry. Embarrassed about explaining to my wife where our life savings had gone.

But I realised that, if I’m honest, it was my own fault.

I didn’t just delegate my financial wellbeing to these jokers. I abdicated it.

So, instead of wallowing in my monetary crisis, I took charge of my own financial independence and shaped my future into what is now a 7-figure net worth, made up of both traditional stock market investments and what are sometimes called alternative investments (for example overseas property, burial plots and UK dementia care homes).

Now I get to enjoy the life I’ve always wanted; spending time between Richmond, South West London and Antibes on the Côte D’Azur, helping my wife Daphne with some retail therapy from my apartment in Paris, or soaking up the sun at my place in Cape Verde.

Remember I mentioned Marmite?…