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Graham Rowan is a 64 year old Brit

who’s made the journey from losing over £150,000 in the 2001 Nasdaq bust to achieving the financial independence he enjoys today. He wants to help others not just to create wealth but to protect it from the grasping hands of bankrupt governments.

This mission has seen him speak at the United Nations in New York, Harvard Business School in Boston, the World Wealth Creation Conference in Singapore and both Houses of Parliament in the UK. A self-styled ‘late developer’, he bought his first business in his 40s, published his first book in his 50s and fronted his first TV series in his 60s. No surprise he thinks ‘retirement’ is a dangerous concept… 

“When future historians come to write the history of the early 21st century, they are likely to turn to high quality niche channels such as yours to use as sources of information as opposed to the 'mushy' mainstream channels”.

Paul Sant, Malta

Graham's latest books are

Money & Me

from his recent Sky TV series


Tax Attack!

a warning to HNW families that higher taxes are coming!

Graham Rowan on Sky News
Graham may have been 60 before he was asked to front his first TV series, but he has been making up for lost time with a plethora of programmes around his favourite themes of wealth creation and wealth protection. His series on Sky TV include Make Your Money Work, Finding Financial Freedom and Money & Me.

Graham is a firm believer that it’s almost impossible to get rich as an employee

– You really have to own businesses if you want to generate real wealth. Like everything else, the earlier you start and the more you practice the better you will get.

Year 2004.
- Buys single site weight loss clinic. Builds to a franchised group before exiting in 2014.
Year 2009.
- Buys moribund French property business in teeth of Financial Crisis. Grows it into Elite Investor Club, a global network of sophisticated and high net worth investors who have made investments of more than £60 million in the last five years.
Year 2017.
- Having raised funds to acquire cemeteries for a new player in the sector, Graham is asked to come on board as chairman. The company now owns and operates sites with a value of £70 million with a third site worth a further £40 million under option.
Year 2020.
- Sees the launch of Opulent Homes, the only European agency focused on high end homes in low tax countries including Monaco, Montenegro and Gibraltar. It also sees the launch of Supercars Monaco and the merger of Elite Investor Club and Beaufort Bond to form the Beaufort Society, a private members club for sophisticated and high net worth investors.

Now Graham wants to share what he has learned…

With 40 years of experience in the business and investing world Graham wants to help others accelerate their journey through his new Renegade Investor Academy launching in 2021.