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Artworld Insider – Understanding Contemporary Art


Graham Rowan speaks to Opulent Art’s resident art consultant, Meredith Bristol, about how to define contemporary art and which areas investors and collectors should focus on. See more at In this episode of Artworld Insider Meredith Bristol looks at her favourite category, Contemporary Art. She gives a broad definition of this significant part of the art world and identifies some sub-categories that help us to recognise a piece as belonging to the world of Contemporary Art. Meredith talks about what particularly attracts her to Contemporary Art rather than the many other genres of the art world and who she sees as some of the stand-out artists in this category. In her discussion with Graham Rowan she also touches on how contemporary art has performed as an investment in recent decades and what kind of factors should make us lean towards one contemporary artist more than another if we’re starting or extending our collection. Meredith also touches on the extent to which fashion plays a role in contemporary art – how some artists can be ‘in’ one year and ‘out’ the next whereas the best artists tend to retain their star status over long periods. But there’s also an element of ‘buyer beware’ here – in recent years a number of new galleries have sprung up offering works by new artists that are positioned as a sure bet to increase in value in the future. Their success is far from assured, especially when we’re in the middle of a global pandemic with enormous uncertainty around how long economic recovery will take. Meredith talks about how and why that should change our approach to which artists we invest in. If you’d like Meredith Bristol’s expert help in starting or growing your own contemporary art collection please start at conversation at