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Artworld Insider with Meredith Bristol


See more and start a conversation with Meredith about your fine art collection at In this introduction to the Artworld Insider series, art consultant Meredith Bristol talks about her extensive background in the art world including working with some of the biggest galleries in the world such as Gagosian. Interviewed by Graham Rowan, Meredith talks about the main ways in which people buy and sell works of art and some of the challenges people can experience when they become art collectors and investors. One of the words we often hear used to describe the art world is ’opaque’ – Meredith discusses why do that is and how in her role as an art consultant she can help people avoid the pitfall waiting for the unwary. One of the main benchmarks for value in the art world is the prices achieved at live auctions. Meredith will take us behind the scenes and give us an insiders view of what goes on in auctions. Without betraying any confidences she also talks about some of the assignments she has carried out on behalf of her clients in her role as an art consultant. Finally, Meredith touches on the main categories or classifications of works of art and where we are going to start with going deeper into the inner workings of the art world. if you would like Meredith’s help in building your own collection please start a conversation at