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Opulent TV 5 Curious Facts about Montenegro


Graham Rowan from Opulent Homes shares some little known facts about the beautiful country of Montenegro. To learn more visit The beautiful fortifies island of Sveti Stefani just south of budva was once home to more than four hundred people. But, in the first half of the twentieth century, emigration took a heavy toll so by the 1950s it was practically a ghost town. Showing an unusual degree of entrepreneurship, the communist authorities turned it into a luxury hotel. It soon became a magnet for celebs, with the likes of Marilyn Monroe, Orson Welles, Princess Margaret and Sophia Loren staying there. The up market Aman Resorts in 2007 and is now the most prestigious hotel in the country with rooms starting at seven hundred euros a night up to over 2,000 euros for a suite. In its latest guise it has attracted A listers like Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie while tennis ace Novak Djokovic hired out the entire venue for his wedding. If, like me, you seem to collect domain names like people used to collect stamps, you will love Montenegro’s URL. The abbreviation of the country is dot ME, perfect for the narcissistic social media times in which we now live. When it first became available in 2008 it became the fastest selling domain in history with fifty thousand domains being registered on the first day alone. Another achievement we should congratulate the communist state for is the railway line that runs from Bar in the South of Montenegro all the way to Belgrade across the border in Serbia. Opened in 1976, the line stretches for 476 kilometres and includes 435 bridges and 235 tunnels. Most impressive is the Mala Rijeka viaduct, the tallest in Europe at the time it was built. And I have a prediction for you. In these days of supercars, superyachts and private jets, there’s one form of transport that seems to have eluded high net worth citizens – the private train. They seem to have been the sole reserve of kings, queens and presidents but I predict that will change in the 2020s. Indeed, in the best hypocritical style of communist leaders the world over, President Tito enjoyed his own specially made Blue Train in which he entertained foreign dignitaries including Queen Elizabeth. The fourth curious facts is that, in among all the historic buildings and artefacts in Kotor you’ll find a Cat Museum. Ten thousand visitors a month go through its doors to see a collection of drawings, paintings and any vaguely feline bits and pieces that they have been able to assemble. Finally, as I found when I interviewed the Secretary of State for Tourism, Montenegro’s people are tall. Very tall. The average height for a man is 1.832 metres, with only the Dutch beating Montenegro on a global scale. In comparison the average Brit who measures 1.77 metres, a measly 26th on the worldwide height chart. So do exercise your neck muscles before arriving in Montenegro. If you want to see the carefully curated selection of new homes that we have available in the beautiful country of Montenegro, head across to now.