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Opulent TV Celebrity Weddings in Gibraltar


For a tiny territory Gibraltar punches above its weight when it comes to celebrity weddings. John and Yoko are perhaps the most famous of all but there have been many others. To learn even more about Gibraltar head across to You may be vaguely aware that Gibraltar is a small British overseas territory on the southern most tip of Spain, but I bet you didn’t realise that it’s been a magnet for celebrity weddings for more than half a century? Gibraltar is one of the few places where you can get married at 24 hours notice. Which is why John Lennon and Yoko Ono tied the knot here in 197? They were desperate to get married at short notice but everywhere they turned had conditions that would mean a delay. Germany wanted them to live there for three weeks before the ceremony and France demanded a fortnight’s residence. They even tried to get spliced on a cruise ship but drew a blank there as well. So, on March 16th 1969, they finally achieved wedded bliss at the British Consulate office on the Rock of Gibraltar. It was just four months after Lennon’s divorce from his first wife Cynthia had been finalised. More intriguingly, it was just two days after Paul McCartney had married Linda Eastman at Chelsea Registry Office. Was it another example of the alpha male rivalry between the two? Yoko wore a white mini skirt and a big floppy hat while John donned a white suit and turtle neck sweater for the big day. He clearly enjoyed the experience, commenting later “we went there, and it was beautiful…we liked it in the symbolic sense, as the rock was the foundation of our relationship”. Thirty years later Gibraltar issued a set of postage stamps with an image of John and Yoko standing in front of the rock. While at the time John was clearly the more famous of the two, it’s an interesting footnote that Yoko has gone on to become one of the world’s most sought after contemporary artists. She’s certainly in demand from our investors and collectors at Other celebrity nuptials on Gibraltar include the original and best of the Bonds, Sean Connery, who enjoyed the experience so much he’s got married twice here. In 1962 he married Diane Cilento and the couple later disclosed that they had the best times of their lives in Gibraltar. That same year, Winston Churchill’s daughter, successful actress Sarah Churchill, married the 23rd Baron Audrey, Thomas Touchet Jesson. Hollywood couple Laurence Harvey and Margaret Leighton were married in Gibraltar in 1957, though the union would only last until 1961. Talking of unsuccessful marriages, while they didn’t actually tie the knot on the Rock of Gibraltar Charles and Diana did start their honeymoon here. So, if you’re looking for somewhere a little different as a wedding venue, why not take a look at Gibraltar. For all the other reasons you should consider spending time here, head across to where some of the finest villas in Europe are waiting for you.