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“Thinking You Know Best is a Massive Flaw in Leadership”


Graham Rowan’s guest on this episode of Money & Me is one of the UK’s foremost experts on leadership. Floyd Woodrow was one of the youngest ever recruits to the SAS and in a stellar career was awarded the Distinguished Conduct Medal for his work in Iraq and the MBE for his work in Afghanistan. He has chaired the Cobra anti-terrorist unit, been a hostage negotiator and has developed a successful career as a businessman while also delivering elite leadership training to the government, the NHS, the police, business and top sports teams.

In this gripping interview Floyd discusses leadership in the government, the health service and in business and makes some blunt observations:

– These people have not led at the highest level and do not have the right level of judgement
– They’ve tried to micro-manage the crisis from Number 10 rather than setting the direction and delegating the detail – There are 3 qualities a leader needs and we’re not seeing them
– The serious social consequences if the leadership doesn’t get a grip
– Why we’re currently in a ‘phoney war’ phase and the worst is still to come
– Where in the country he sees atrocious leadership at every level of the NHS
– What we need to do as a nation if we are to thrive rather than fail in the coming years
– The shocking number of different careers our children can expect to have in their lifetime

Money and Me is one of the main platforms for speaker, author and investor Graham Rowan. Until lock down, the series was shown on Sky TV in the UK and focused on the financial life story of each high profile guest. Since the coronavirus pandemic, Graham has focused his guests on the business, financial, investment impact of Covid19. Guests in this series have included:

Fund Managers
Justin Urquhart Stewart Tim Price
Lord Stanley Fink
Sir John Redwood
Mark Mobius
Mark Dampier
Ross Norman

Steve Baker MP
Lord Dolar Popat
Lord Lee of Trafford

Entrepreneurs and Business Leaders
Jonathan Jay
James Sinclair
The Marquess of Bristol Luke Lang
Simon Dolan
Mad Marc Wileman
Floyd Woodrow MBE
Jon Geldart
Ammar Mirza CBE
Graham Carling

Claer Barrett
Dominic Frisby
John Stepek

Rob Moore
Nicole Bremner
Dan Bradbury
Siam Kidd John Howard Celebrities
John Inverdale
James Max
Aidan Meller

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