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“We either seize liberty or choose ruin and despair”


I’m proud of the range and calibre of guests who have given up their time to appear on Money & Me, but I have to rank the Steve Baker session as the best so far. Just a flavour of what we covered and his response to some challenging questions:

– “We didn’t get into this mess with government that was too small or money that was too sound – whatever crisis we’re in, it’s a crisis of Big Government”

– “This is an epoch defining moment where we either seize liberty and continue the upward march of human progress or we demand even bigger government and the destination is ruin and despair.”

– “This is a time for choosing and we’re going to need some fantastic leadership from some great world leaders in the next couple of years”. (The strange noise you hear in the background is me holding my breath waiting for this great leadership to emerge).

– “What do you want? More government, more coercion, more false promises that can’t be kept or to live in a system of honest money, honest taxation and honest government that lives within its means.”

– On Brexit – “the governing class has fundamentally not accepted the result. Most people in politics want power for themselves, I want to give it away.”

This interview will restore your faith in the calibre of our politicians, at least until you realise that Steve is more or less a loan voice even within the Tory party.

Money and Me is one of the main platforms for speaker, author and investor Graham Rowan. Until lock down, the series was shown on Sky TV in the UK and focused on the financial life story of each high profile guest. Since the coronavirus pandemic, Graham has focused his guests on the business, financial, investment impact of Covid19. Guests in this series have included:

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