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Yayoi Kusama and her Infinity Nets


In this episode of Artworld Insider Meredith Bristol talks about one of her favourite contemporary artists, Yayoi Kusama. In this discussion with Graham Rowan, Meredith explains why she has chosen the Japanese artist as the first contemporary artist that we have profiled in depth here on Artworld Insider. We discuss Kusama’s rather unusual back story and how that has influenced her work. There’s a recurring theme to her work which is the concept of infinity – Meredith touches on where did that come from and how Kusama has developed that theme across the decades. Why has Kusama become such a phenomenon with works in every institution and big exhibitions around the world? Meredith mentions the global brands with which Kusama has forged tie-ins, perhaps suggesting she is commercially astute as well as a great artist? For the art investors among you, we discuss which Kusama pieces we should you focus on and why and the sort of price range are we looking at for these works. As our resident inside track into the art world Meredith is aware of some highly investable works that may be for sale at the moment so if you would like her to work on your behalf please get in touch through the Opulent Art website at